Bank & Entrepreneur Africa Celebrates Six Months of the Lady Vendor Project

The Lady Vendor project gives disadvantaged women a chance to sell Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine and earn 50% of the cover price.

Nigeria’s leading publication on entrepreneurship, Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine, is celebrating a remarkable six months (June – December 2016) of providing life-changing opportunities for poor and disadvantaged Nigerian ladies – through the Lady Vendor Project. As vendors of Bank & Entrepreneur Africa magazine, the lady vendors earn 50% of the magazine’s NGN1000 cover price, which puts money in their pockets to help make ends meet or work towards a personal goal.

Says Mrs. Chinyere Okafor, the magazine’s lead vendor: “Since I started this business, I have learned a lot from my supervisor, Ms. Anne Agbakoba. I now know how to sell to people and how to make my customers come back to buy my magazines. I have made a lot of money too, and I was able to take my mother to the hospital, pay her bills and buy the medication prescribed for her. My husband, my mother, my son – they are very proud of me.”

According to the Publisher of Bank & Entrepreneur Africa, Ms. Anne Agbakoba, the Lady Vendor was established to help females from poor communities gain financial independence quickly, and become productive members of society.

The Lady Vendor project is designed to meet a few of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, which include poverty alleviation and gender empowerment.

Bank & Entrepreneur Africa is published by Numeris Media Limited.

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