New Year in Nigeria- Customs and Traditions

Celebrating New Year’s is pretty much a universal tradition, but many countries welcome in the new year with different customs. You’re probably familiar with the New Year’s Eve traditions of your own respective country, but do you know what the holiday looks like elsewhere around the globe? While many countries have fireworks, some also have their own unique superstitions and customs.

New Year Celebrations in Nigeria

New Year’s tends to be more a religious tradition in Nigeria than in many other places. Among many Christian families, New Year’s Eve is a time for intense prayer, as many Nigerians choose to spend the time in worship at church. Some also choose to observe a month-long fast. Some Muslim families also spend the time at local mosques. New Year’s traditions also include firecrackers, festivities and shopping. Young people often go house-to-house, wishing their community a good new year.

Nigeria, located in the Western part of Africa, is prominently a nation of people belonging to two beliefs- Christianity and Islamism.

The Unique Masquerades Party

Is you wish to be a part of the biggest New Year celebration in Nigeria, then make sure to land up at any of the masquerades. This biggest party of the Nigeria saw people coming in dressed up as with certain animal or human features being prominently highlighted. It is followed by high energy dance on the streets performed by them. It is considered as a symbol of bringing good luck and cheerfulness in the lives of people, and also sway away all the evil energies and negativities out of life.

It is also considered as an apt time to spread message of love, hope, positivity, and peace for the coming time. Offrima is a well known masquerades party. It has tribes dressed up in the costumes striking similar to fishes, and then performing dance on the tribal tunes. There is a provision that no one can unmask himself while performing the dance, as the mask is supposed to protect mind, body, and soul from getting vulnerable to any evil spirits.

Apart from masquerades party, one can also witness various different tribes celebrating New Year in their very own distinct way. Most of them involve performing rural or tribal dances on the tribal music, by the people of the tribe or local performers only. Other activities such as archery and juggling are also ensured to be part of those celebrations.

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